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"Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon"   

Dalai Lama

Corey's Crafty Vietnamese-French Cuisine

Experience the joys of well-executed French-Vietnamese fusion at this lovely South Philly BYOB.

Truth Tea:
"I'd go here every week if I could. Nothing but positive vibes. I ate every scrap of my lunch for the first time in a while."

Lydia Ross:
"Chef Corey is incredible and goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your meal. He's creative and cooks with passion. I'm excited to see this menu evolve as he adds more of his signature dishes. Truly a unique experience in a sea of Vietnamese restaurant to choose from."

Linh Nguyen:

"We were passing through Philly and knew we wanted a good Viet meal. Glad we skipped the usual suspects around W Washington Square and gave this little quaint shop a try."

Ciara Murphy:

"Chef Corey is an absolute gem. he takes great care in making the best food possible and getting to know his guest. Not to mention his karaoke skills! this place is a must visit for anyone who enjoys great food and a wonderful experience."


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